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When we take the honey from the hives we process it as little as possible.  However we do have to warm it in order for it to be filtered to remove any unwanted items.

Unusually for a Small Scale Honey Producer we have invested in making a Processing Room.

We have an Api-melter which is a specialist piece of equipment used to accurately warm honey and wax.

Using the Api Melter to warm the honey we are able to closely control the temperatures, thus ensuring we are able to filter the honey correctly without damaging it.  Similarly the filtering process removes unwanted items but leaves pollen grains in the honey. 

The newest piece of equipment is a Honey Creamer.  This has a built in heater so we are able to accurately control temperature as we process the Creamed/Soft Set honey.

Even though we are a small scale honey producer we take the business of Honey Processing very seriously.

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