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Our hives are in the Warwickshire countryside, deliberately located so that the bees are able to forage either in the farmers' fields or in the gardens of the nearby villages.

This ensures that the bees live and forage in a multi-floral environment, thereby allowing them a varied diet.  This is important as this diet provides all the nutrients required for the bees to be as healthy as possible.

Therefore the honey that the bees produce is a mix of nectars from all the flowers that the bees have visited.  So whilst I can guarentee that the honey is Warwickshire honey, I cannot guarentee that a jar of honey is from a specific flower.  The best I can do is to say that the honey is from spring or summer flowers.



454 gram (1lb) glass containers.


227 gram (8oz) Hex shaped Glass Containers.

227gram (8oz) Squeezy Teddy Bear containers


Cut Comb which are around 227gram (8oz) in weight.

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