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Bees are one of the few, if not the only, insect that use their own body to produce the material from which they make their home.

Bees produce the wax from glands on their abdomen.  To do that they eat a huge amount of food.


To produce 1lb of Beeswax the bees need to eat 8lb of honey and for that they have to collect 64 lbs of nectar.  That is visiting 16 million flowers and flying the equivalent of 16 times around the world.

So I hope that you can understand why Beeswax is such a valuable and important resource to a Bee and also a Beekeeper.

Beeswax once in the molten state is very easy to manipulate and mould.  However care has to be taken as molten Beeswax is very flammable and if the wax is heated too much it loses its beautiful light colour.

Each year the surplus beeswax is removed from the hives, melted and filtered so that it is then in a state to be re-used.
Block of Beeswax after first cleaning.

Block of Beeswax ready for the Show Bench.

Moulded Candles ready for sale.
          - We have Candle moulds of all shapes and sizes.


Rolled Candle ready for sale.

Beeswax Polish - made with very High Quality Tree Turpentine.

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