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Hay Fever and Allergies

For thousands of years Honey has been used for its healing and medicinal properties.

In the town of Soroti in Uganda, where we do training work for the charity Bees Abroad, the biggest Customer of the Beekeepers is the local Hospital.  Honey is used as a dressing for wounds, to feed to mal-nourished children and to help combat Gastric complaints.

Similarly propolis is used in medicines for its anti-bacterial properties and its ability to help the healing process with gastric problems.

Hay Fever.


All local honey contains pollen from the flowers that the bees have visited.  In contrast to some mass production processes where honey is forced, under pressure, through very fine filters removing most, if not all, of the pollen grains.

It is said that eating Local Honey is beneficial to those people living in that area and who suffer from hay fever. 

 The theory is that by eating local honey you ingest pollen from local flowers.  This ‘kick starts’ the immune system, effectively de-sensitising your system to the impact of wind borne pollen. 

So eat a teaspoon of local honey every day, start in January by eating Soft Set honey ie pollen from Spring flowers and then, in May, start eating running honey ie pollen from Summer flowers. 

This means your body is six weeks ahead of the hay fever season throughout the year.

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